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There once was a class sewing project, the theme of which was "jobs." Each third grader was expected to create - with felt, thread, and stuffing - a doll-sized human, performing mommy or daddy's particular vocation.
The nine-year-old Ariel was the only child in the class requiring Negro-colored felt to create the skin of his stuffed human. For the young Ariel - instead of sewing a tall, bedenimed Barbara, standing by the chalkboard, or a goateed Robert, gazing intently into his personal computer - the young Ariel took it upon himself to sew a football player named Freeman McNeil who (at the time) was a star running back for the New York Jets.
Mr. Bradley asked if my father really was a football player; and he laughed aloud at my insistence that I'd been adopted at age two by Freeman McNeil himself.

(from Chapter 2, "If You Ponder Suicide at Age Nine, You're Not Like All the Rest")
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