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FictionBlogNewsConsultingAbout IlanLinksContact IlanHome   NewsGlimmer Train (, one of America's premier literary magazines, announced that Ilan Mochari's short story, "The Father I Knew (and Still Do)," was a finalist in the 2007 Family Matters competition.

The 2007 Best American Short Stories is in stores, and, of the top "100 distinguished short stories of 2006," ten appeared in Glimmer Train, more than any other publication in the country, including The New Yorker.

Ilan Mochari is a novelist and journalist living in the Boston area. He is seeking representation for his debut novel, Zinsky the Obscure, and he is at work on his follow-up, The Ring Behind the Glass. He is a former staff writer for Inc magazine, and he has also written for Fortune Small Business and CFO magazine. He has a B.A. in English from Yale University.
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